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Marv Mills Memorial Volunteer Award


Who was Marv Mills?

27 years…this alone best describes Marv’s commitment, dedication, and love not just of football but of our club and the kids that have come and continue to come through it.

Marv was instrumental in establishing NEMFA and its football programs. Through Marv’s hard work and countless hours, his guidance and mentorship, NEMFA developed many exceptional coaches and players.  He was instrumental in making the Edmonton Seahawks what they are today: a football club of four levels with over 150 boys and girls and over 40 volunteers from its roots as a 1-team organization with 17 players and 13 uniforms; a club where every child who wants to play football can do so regardless of finances; and a club whose members are a family.

On July 29, 2017, Marv passed away suddenly at the age of 63 years.

Marv was this club's #1 and in his honor we formally retired this number.  Jerseys were framed and presented to each of Marv's wife and three children.  A fifth framed jersey hangs in our clubhouse foyer.  But how could we give justice to a man who gave 27 years to a not-for-profit club for children (and countless other hours to other volunteer groups)?  We can't, but we thought we would start by recognizing what was most important to Marv - volunteers - because without volunteers, there would be no club. So, in honor and in memory of our founding member and his immeasurable dedication and hours of volunteering we have created the MARV MILLS MEMORIAL VOLUNTEER AWARD.  This award will be presented annually to an individual who has shown exceptional dedication to our club and its members.  The first recipient was Marv Mills.

Award Recipients

2017 - Marv Mills

2018 - Bonnie Wilson




The criteria for this award are:


  • This award is to recognize exceptional volunteering with NEMFA.
  • Nominations can come from anyone.
  • Nominations may recognize past and/or present service.
  • Awarded at the discretion of the Board of Directors (majority vote) to an individual who has volunteered with NEMFA.
  • Award will be decided on and presented at the Minor banquet only.